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White Papers
White Papers
How to Manage your Digital Signage Network?
Digital Signage Network Management This White Paper describes the detailed required features and the business benefits of network management within the management solution offered. Knowing that the reliability, efficiency and value of a digital signage network is significantly enhanced by the selection of a robust, fully-featured network management system, this White Paper is describing the architecture of such a management system and the quality of its components and how they critically impacts an organization’s ability to meet its operational targets.

Cost Ramifications of Player Placement in Digital Signage Networks
Digital Signage Player Placement This white paper compares the repercussions of different locations for media players in Digital Signage last mile™ applications and it illustrates the major reduction to the Total Cost of Ownership of DS networks that can be achieved by placing your media players in a back room.

Digital Signage Structure - Choosing the best video distribution technology
Choosing the best video distribution technology When choosing between data network, fiber-optic cable, and CAT5 cable A/V solutions, businesses must factor in variables such as cost, performance and the structure of their existing infrastructure.

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