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ScreenGate™ Management Gateway

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Maximizing network value
ScreenGate™ Management Gateway (SMG) is at the heart of the MDS Network Management Platform and responds to the demands of digital signage network operators looking to maximize revenue and profitability by maximizing network uptime and minimizing cost. It acknowledges that, in order to maximize both customer satisfaction and profitability, screen failure must be identified immediately – and resolved instantly. Robust, consistent and intuitive, ScreenGate Management Gateway delivers the visibility and tools necessary to maximize network value.
Maximizing network uptime
SMG monitors the digital signage network, monitoring performance from end to end, identifying failures and providing the tools necessary to take fast remedial action. It answers questions like “Is the screen working?”, “Is the correct content being shown?” and “Is the quality of the output acceptable?” SMG integrates watermark injection and unique proof-of-performance technology, allowing operators to verify that the right content has appeared in the right place at the right time.
Maximizing ease of implementation
A Business Logic API ensures that SMG is business-centric – not network-centric. Business processes and requirements are simply and consistently translated into network execution, providing centralized management and uniformity and consistency of implementation and eliminating the need for understanding of network detail.
Maximizing flexibility
Proprietary digital signage network management systems typically limit the operator’s choice of network-attached devices, limiting flexibility and scalability. SMG is ‘hardware agnostic’: heterogeneous networks are possible, and change and growth are easily accommodated.
Maximizing manageability
Through its Web Services interface, SMG enables integration with management services and applications, including CMS (Content Management System applications), NMS (Network Management System applications), BPM (Business Process Management services), Web Portal front-ends, business intelligence and billing applications. The result? Optimum.
Maximizing scalability
SMG is an inherently open architecture system, and as such is capable of being integrated with other open systems such as the Nagios NMS to further extend SMG’s capabilities with features such as graphical system view, mobile notifications and advanced reporting.
Maximizing return on investment
SMG delivers the tools necessary to enable digital signage network operators to maximize return on investment. Easy to use and quick to implement, its remote monitoring capabilities allied to sophisticated tools for remote remedial action reduces costs, while the ability to ensure quality content delivery at all times delivers maximum customer satisfaction and maximum revenue.
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