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Partnering with Minicom
When you partner with Minicom, everybody benefits
The Minicom Certified Reseller program is designed to help our partners grow their business. MCR members receive a package of benefits that includes a dedicated account representative, priority assistance, accelerated purchasing discounts, product trainings, pre & post sales support, demo equipment, MDF funds, and a variety of coop programs.
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Innovative technology
  • First supplier of CAT5 technology for KVM
  • First digital switching solution for high density server management
  • First supplier of hardware embedded GUI for server & device management
  • Proprietary KVM/IP technology with superior video and real time user experience
  • Proven distribution solutions for last mile connectivity in digital signage displays
  • Proprietary IP technology for universal compatibility with legacy KVM Infrastructure

Marketing & leads
  • High ranking, multilingual web site
  • Global distribution of PR, with regularly place articles in specialized press
  • Active communication via email campaigns and newsletters
  • Internet marketing campaigns

  • Dedicated reseller training and hands-on training seminars
  • Demo kits
  • Password protected reseller web site
  • Guaranteed minimum purchase conditions

Pre-sales support
  • Phone and email consultation
  • Detailed systems drawings
  • Recommendation of solutions for complex applications -- i.e. cascading, amalgamation of different product, etc.
  • Advice and expert monitoring for specific applications which result in adjustment of the products
  • Conference calls and on-site meetings upon request

Post-sales support
  • Email and phone support
  • Flash upgrades
  • On-site support when required
  • Support web site

OEM and private label projects
  • Dedicated "powerteam" of developers who have the ability to modify products, as necessary
  • Project-dedicated support team
  • Exclusive pricing for larger projects
  • Proactive project management in headquarters, with defined structures and processes

Demos & evaluation systems
  • Demonstration units for channel
  • Online demonstrations for IP products

Quality, warranty & RMA
  • ISO certified quality testing and production
  • 3 years manufacturer's warranty for most products
  • Simple RMA procedure via distribution partners

Logistics, warehouse & delivery
  • All actual products available from distributor's stock
  • For European customers, Minicom has all products in a central warehouse in the Netherlands
  • For US, Mexican and Canadian customers, products are stocked in New Jersey facility
  • Flexible and fast solutions for urgent delivery cases

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